Services from Concept Design to Final Product


CAD, or computer-aided design, is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. 2 and 3 dimensional CAD programs can aid in exploring design ideas, visualizing concepts through photo-realistic renderings, and simulating how a design will perform in the real world. These simulations can reduce and in some cases replace real world testing and verification of newly developed designs.

3D Scan

3D scanning is to accelerate product design by capturing complex and organic shapes. This aids in designing new products in addition to restoring or modifying existing ones. The scans could be used to create molds, casting, fixtures, copies of old parts and create rapid prototypes. In addition artist and architects will be able to use these services from giant art installations to furniture scroll-work and fine jewelry


Our 3D prototypes offer several of the benefits of an injection-molded part, but without having to go to the expense of creating and injecting molds. Our parts are durable as well as flexible. We can produce living hinges, snap fit components, functioning springs as well as 3D prototypes that can be snap-fit, drilled and tapped. You can also run fluids through, sterilize and paint parts.

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Metal fabrication is the building of metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling processes. It is a value added process that involves the construction of machines and structures from various raw materials. We are able to provide cutting, bending, welding, in addition to CNC milling of all types of metals.